Timkulu Safaris owns a game reserve with beautiful scenery, where Fanus will personally assist you in hunting a wide variety of antelope. When Fanus started out in 1991, the reserve consisted of overgrazed cattle farms. He bought these up, and painstakingly allowed nature to rebuild herself to her former natural state. His education and passion culminated, and he managed the reserve is such a way as to ensure the utilization of game on a sustainable basis. Fanus went through great lengths to introduce game of superior quality, resulting in exceptional trophies taken home by hunters. The reserve now boasts 20 species, including rhino and buffalo, and needless to say, the game populations are prospering and the numbers rise consistently each year. A great priority of Fanus is to let benefits derived from hunting filter through to everybody and everything involved in the game cycle.

The development of the reserve has now reached maturity, with the number of animals having reached the carrying capacity of the habitat. Ethical hunting is therefore allowed in order to control the game numbers and avoid habitat degradation.

All hunting is done in an ethical walk and stalk manner. You rise early, and at first light in the crisp winter air, you have your fist steaming mug of coffee. After a bite to still the hunger, you head out, on foot, with your Professional Hunter. The pace set is dictated by you, our valued client and friend. Now it is up to Diana, the proficiency of your Professional Hunter, and you, basically. If you can match the animal’s stealth, be his equal in determination and survival instincts, and persevere – in short – if you are worthy of him, then he is yours. Then you can turn into an ethical predator and take home the trophy that will bring Africa back to life in your heart and memories every time you look at it.

After the morning’s hunting session you return to the lodge for brunch and a well deserved rest. Mid afternoon your quest continues. Success to be celebrated and failure contemplated around the campfire that night. No stone will be left unturned to ensure your enjoyment and satisfaction. Our well trained trackers and skinners, our lodge staff, professional hunters, fleet of reliable vehicles – everybody and everything are ready and equipped to ensure your wellbeing and success.